Solutions for shaped and unshaped refractories for very high temperature with corrosion and erosion resistance
Solutions for bonded and coated abrasives, for cutting and milling different tools and processes
Solutions for polishing and blasting of all surfaces except diamond


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Shaped Refractories

Shaped Refractories like bricks, blocks, liners, nozzles, orifices and tiles need high-purity electrofused minerals for their application in furnaces, boilers, crucibles and etc. ALTUS products meet Shaped Refractories requirements with precision.

Unshaped Refractories

Castables, refractory plastics, ramming material, gunning mix, refractory clay and any other types of unshaped refractories are in dire need of different electrofused materials. ALTUS offers a wide variety of products suitable for these applications.

Bonded Abrasives

ALTUS ensures high-quality abrasive materials for producing different kinds of bonded abrasives like abrasive discs, whetstones and grinding wheels.

Coated Abrasives

Coated abrasives like sandpapers, abrasives belts and sanding disks need abrasive grains in a variety of sizes and shapes. ALTUS offers different grades of abrasive electrofused product ideal for this application.


ALTUS produces abrasive grains with accurate size distribution which make them suitable candidate for any polishing needs.

Blasting Media

Abrasive blasting media requires a large amount of abrasive grains with Specific sizes and hardness. ALTUS electrofused material meets these industry requirements with accuracy.

Coating & Paint Additive

Coating and paint additives require certain properties like suitable particle size distribution, high whiteness, etc. ALTUS offers electrofused products with such properties ideal as additives.

Ceramic Glaze

Glazes are a vital part of ceramic products manufacturing and enhance these parts’ performance significantly. ALTUS produces high-quality electrofused materials befitting for this application.

Ceramic Bodies & Shells

Lots of ceramic bodies and shells esp. ones operating at high temperatures require suitable material for achieving desired properties. ALTUS offers different grades of electrofused products ideal for producing ceramic bodies.

Spark Plugs

The insulation layer in spark plug bodies can be made of ceramic materials with Certain properties like high electrical insulation. ALTUS electrofused products are an excellent choice for this application.

Kiln Furniture

Kiln furniture is a vital part of producing ceramic shapes in a kiln. Altus products can be used as great building materials for manufacturing different kinds of kiln furniture.

Investment Casting

Investment casting is an ancient and effective way of manufacturing various metal parts. Shell-building materials are very important in this process and ALTUS can provide different grades of electrofused products as shell-building materials.