Solutions for shaped and unshaped refractories for very high temperature with corrosion and erosion resistance
Solutions for bonded and coated abrasives, for cutting and milling different tools and processes
Solutions for polishing and blasting of all surfaces except diamond
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Abrasives are materials that are used for operations such as grinding, polishing, smoothing surfaces and edges, or other similar processes. Abrasives are produced in the form of particles and in different dimensions. This particle size depends on how much material we want to remove from the surface. The materials used in the abrasive industry are generally characterized by high hardness and relatively high fracture toughness.

Each abrasive particle acts like a cutting tool. Because there are usually hundreds or thousands of cutting points in the abrasive area, the effect created by them is completely uniform. Coarser abrasive grains are used to remove a large volume of material from the surface. For example, they are used for rough polishing. Also, this type of abrasive is used in places where the removal of considerable thickness from the surface or a change of dimensions is required. Soft abrasive types are generally performed after rough grinding. so that a suitable final surface can be created.

ALTUS offers different grades of brown fused alumina for abrasive application.

The meticulous manufacturing process and accuracy of sorting technologies lead to abrasives with accurate particle size distribution.


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