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Polishing Powder

Polishing is a term used to describe a wide range of processes designed to remove surface defects and increase the glossiness of various surfaces. For example, to make, repair and paint some metal or wooden artifacts, you can use polishing to make the surface more beautiful and shiny. Polishing is one of the restoration works. Among the practical cases of polishing, metal surface polishing, car polishing, nail polishing and dental polishing can be named. There are important considerations in polishing, one of them is choosing the right polish material, improper polishing of surfaces can have negative and harmful results.

In general, polishes are divided into two categories: rough polish and soft polish. This classification of polish is based on the amount of roughness and abrasion power of the polish, and the person who wants to perform the polishing must pay attention to which polish should be used. The abrasion of a coarse polish is so much that its roughness is compared with fine sandpaper. Rough polishes are used to remove deep scratches. Soft polishes are divided into different types, but in general, the use of soft polishes can be summarized in removing surface scratches, and creation of gloss and transparency in the color of the surface.

ALTUS offers different grades of brown fused alumina for this application.

ALTUS is proud to provide high-quality abrasive grains ideal as polishing and blasting materials.


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